tmp-sub-article8Douglas County is home to more than 114,000 people and growing. From 2010 – 2013, the area grew over 3.5%. That’s much higher than the state’s overall growth rate of just 1.5% over the same time period.



Source: U.S Census Bureau


SOURCE: Lawrence Board of Realtors

Source: Lawrence Board of Realtors


Income Tax: Kansas passed a business income tax exemption a few years ago which eliminates certain non-wage business income for “Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships and Subchapter-S Corporations that have elected at the federal level to be taxed as a pass-through entity,” according to the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Kansas Income Tax: Married individuals filing joint returns are taxed 2.7 percent of Kansas taxable income not over $30,000. Taxable income over $30,000 is taxed $810 plus 4.9 percent of excess over $30,000. All other individuals are required to pay 2.7 percent of Kansas taxable income not more than $15,000 or $405 plus 4.9 percent of excess over $15,000. You can see more about Kansas tax rates here.

Kansas Corporate Income Tax: For corporations whose business is solely within state boundaries, the tax is 4 percent of net income. In addition, net income in excess of $50,000 is subject to a 3 percent surtax. For those corporations with business income both inside and outside the state, the net income attributed to the Kansas operation is based upon the percentage of the corporation’s business located in Kansas. A business’ tax obligation is determined by a three-factor formula using the proportion of sales, property and payroll in Kansas compared to total sales, property and payroll.

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